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The ultimate goal of Oneness is total freedom. If you follow a teacher or a particular path, then that very teacher and that very path binds you and prevents you from becoming totally free. It is only when all paths drop off, you’ll discover your path. If there are 7 billion people on the planet, then there are 7 billion unique paths to freedom and you have got to discover your own path. Oneness helps you to discover your path. If you make Oneness into a path, it will automatically drop off after some time. At that point of time, you get your total freedom.


424406_10150675685575119_1208961150_nJane and Theo – nearly 40 years ago they were given experiences that connected them to something that was profound – back then it was shared with them that humanity would go through huge growth and transformation and that they would contribute to the change – what was shared and what has unfolded has all come to pass. Over the years they have had their own amazing experiences where major life transforming shifts in consciousness have happened for them. Their life’s journey took them to India 13 years ago when they were invited to Oneness University  India – after that first trip – it was given to them to take what they had received back to New Zealand and share it with the people – they did this and they continue to do this today. This is how Oneness in New Zealand began - much has happened over the years – many in New Zealand who have been drawn to the oneness processes – they too have shared and contributed to the growth of Oneness in New Zealand.  Oneness University is now established in almost every country around the world – millions worldwide have benefited from the life transforming processes that are offered. Oneness New Zealand is linked to Oneness University India, the source of this Worldwide phenomenon. Oneness transcends all religions, all cultures, class based and national barriers, thus unifying people in the experience of one divinity, one humanity, one suffering, one love and one consciousness. It is  not a religion. It is Evolution in Consciousness. Simple yet Profound.

Theo and Jane support people in their transformation, they know that what flows through them has the power to Heal,  Transform and Awaken – it has the power to bring people out of their suffering – what they share is all geared to bring you into your heart where you become your own teacher and follow your own path.

Oneness Phenomenon
The outreach of Oneness University offered by the Founder Sri AmmaBhagavan has been released over the years in waves in accordance with Humanity’s response to the out flowing energies. 2 years ago Grace in the form of Oneness Meditation / Eye Deeksha was released to the world through live gatherings and / or livestream. OM has the power to Awaken you. Now the New Free Sacred 3 Chamber Process is being offered Worldwide. For more info, click on About Oneness on the menu bar for info about Oneness Meditation and the Sacred 3 Chamber Process.

 Oneness Courses
The primary goal through our processes and courses is to Heal and Awaken individuals. Our planet, humanity and life as we know it is undergoing a major evolutionary shift in consciousness. This is impacting on our environment, our social structures, and on us individually and collectively. One of the most important things at this point in time is for people to move into higher states of consciousness. We are not working in the conscious mind. We are working on the unconscious by changing programmes in the unconscious. For more info, click on Oneness NZ Courses on the menu bar.

We can change the way we live through an individual process of reconnecting. Create a life style where you Transcend limitation – Awaken into Oneness.

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